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The Landlord

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A bit about us

Your home in Melbourne

Our history starts in 2016, when our founder came to Melbourne as international student. Dozen of properties were inspected by Raf, but just very few apartments were clean enough and had a friendly atmosphere. The good ones required piles of papers - proof of income, bank statements, referral, previous landlord information, bla, bla bla. He found a place but he couldn’t get rid of an idea: Helping foreigners finding a home!

So far as we know, international students and travelers face lack of home, job, language skills and, friends when arriving to a new city. Communicating becomes harder. Money is limited. Family and friends are not here. Home address is no longer known. So many challenges that others may not see, but we do! We understand you may not speak a good English! We understand you may not have a job! We understand you are starting a new life!

Over those 3 years The Landlord has expanded. What used to be a simple idea has now became a network. Beautiful apartments, clean, friendly and well located are now easily available to international students and travelers.

Hey! Remember! If your challenge is finding a home, talk to us!



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PO Box 23008, Docklands, 3008, VIC, Australia